“Scaffold approach Shakespeare with vigour, rigour, and a relentlessly enquiring mind. Their workshops are inclusive, incisive and playful. It is well worth joining the Scaffold family.”

– Giles Taylor, actor, Shakespeare consultant, author of Dramatic Adventures in Rhetoric


“When I think of Scaffold, I can’t believe my luck. An opportunity to speak all the plays and the sonnets, applying all we feel and learn from the text to our world today, whilst in the company of Shakespeare beginners and die-hards. It’s incredible. New friends, endless possibilities. The workshops are well structured, and comfortable, it is nothing but a safe environment. I cannot recommend these unique, priceless Scaffold Shakespeare workshops enough. There is nothing else like it. I consider them essential to my acting career and development.” 

– Ayesha Casely-Hayford,  actor


“The Play Out the Play series was a fantastic way to explore Shakespeare’s plays in relation to the rest of the canon and what they mean to us now. Coming from non-traditional actor training these workshops and the support provided by Scaffold has been absolutely invaluable in developing my confidence in performing Shakespearean text and has broadened my joy and understanding of the plays. Most of all, the culture of curiosity, debate and ensemble was wonderful and is quite something to have been a part of.”

-Corrinne Curtis, Actor


“Working with Scaffold over the last 4 years has been liberating. The combination of  in-depth analysis – both textual and thematic – and the exploration of character through active readings have grown my confidence and deepened my understanding of Shakespeare. Highly enjoyable and exceptionally useful.”

-Oliver Mawdsley, Actor


“Scaffold workshops are not just the best way of exploring Shakespeare I’ve ever come across outside of a traditional production; they are also a regular opportunity to act, play, and debate with a roomful of like-minded people. I came for the Shakespeare and stayed for the community. (Well… and the Shakespeare.) A real community can be hard to find in the wilds of London, and Scaffold has been that for me in a most beautiful way. It’s also given me a depth of understanding of the plays that I don’t think I could have found otherwise except by acting in a well-directed, well-researched production.”

-Rosalyn Mitchell, Actor

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