DATE: March, 2016
TIME: 10:00-6:00
The Two Noble Kinsmen
Masterclass: The Jailor’s Daughter March, 2016
“Once, he kissed me.
I loved my lips the better ten days after:
Would he would do so every day!”


Workshop 1 -6th March

First read through and discussions.

Topics discussed included:

Do you need Act 1?
Appearance and Character
Arcite vs Palamon
3 – the magic number?
The Jailor’s Daughter
Setting and Concept
Theseus and Hypollita
Sub-plot – Wooer, Jailor, Jailor’s Friend etc.
MSND and TNK in Rep?
Judgement and Choices
Act 1 WTF


“Of all flowers,
Methinks a rose is best.
Why, gentle madam?
It is the very emblem of a maid.
For when the west wind courts her gently
How modestly she blows, and paints the sun
With her chaste blushes! ”


Workshop 2 – 20th March

Masterclass: The Jailor’s Daughter- Tom Latter

Love and madness, laughter and tears, greif and morris dancing. In a play with so many contradictory (or complimentary) themes where better to start than with the person who feels the push and pull more than any other. We will focus on the scenes involving the Jailor’s daughter, and attempt to follow her path through the play.

“Farewell. I have told my last hour. I was false,
Yet never treacherous.”
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