DATE: July, 2014
TIME: 10:00-6:00
VENUE: MakeBelieve Arts, Deptford
The Merry Wives of Windsor
Masterclass: Mock Rehearsal July, 2014
“Wives may be merry, and yet honest too…”

WORKSHOP 1 – 13th July

First readthrough and discussions.

Topics explored included:

Falstaff from Henry IV to Windsor
Ford and jealousy – how dangerous id he?
Mistress Page and Falstaff
Are there any likeable characters?
Why this play? Why bother?
The Prose Play
Why is it funny?
Women at the centre
No meat and too much veg?
Social satire

WORKSHOP 2 – July 27th

Masterclass: “Mock Rehearsal”

Is there more to this play that meets the eye? What’s that stuff about some Germans? Why is the duel funny? Is the play a bit patchy or are we? A bit of rehearsal to determine if that stain on the laundry is exactly what it appears to be or if there’s something else beneath the surface…

“Fie on sinful fantasy!
Fie on lust and luxury!
Lust is but a bloody fire,
Kindled with unchaste desire,
Fed in heart, whose flames aspire,
As thoughts do blow them higher and higher.
Pinch him, fairies, mutually,
Pinch him for his villainy!”
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