DATE: January, 2014
VENUE: MakeBelieve Arts, Deptford
Romeo and Juliet
Masterclass: 1595 January, 2014
“Art thou gone so, love, lord? Ay, husband, friend,
I must hear from thee every day in the hour,
For in a minute there are many days.”


WORKSHOP 1 – 13th January

First read through and discussions.

Topics discussed included:

What are your expectations? Is it actually a tragedy/comedy melodrama/farce?
Addressing the audience’s expectations?
Make it about the parents not the kids?
The prologue?
The musicians scene
To cut or not to cut and if so how to cut?
Why kill off Paris?
Big cast or small cast?
Is the humour well timed?
The Friar
Two households both alike in dickishness
Love actually?
WTF corner

WORKSHOP 2 – 27th January

Masterclass: 1595 – Chris Chatfield

An introduction to the teachings of soldier, philosopher and Master of Fence Vincentio Saviolo, and how the application of martial knowledge can unlock readings of characters and scenes in Shakespeare. Lead by Chris Chatfield, the founder of The 1595 club, the masterclass will be an interactive lecture and demonstration of the form with an in-depth exploration of the duel between Mercutio and Tybalt, their contrasting styles of combat and how we could play the scene for an audience.

Find out more about The 1595…

Video of the workshop…

“And, with a martial scorn, with one hand beats
Cold death aside, and with the other sends
It back to Tybalt, whose dexterity,
Retorts it…”
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