DATE: October, 2015
TIME: 10:00-6:00
Masterclass: Storytelling October, 2015
“Few love to hear the sins they love to act.”


Workshop 1 – 11th October

First read through and discussions.

Topics discussed included:

Mother figures
Social issues – immigration, prostitution, people trafficking
Gower and the Dumbshows
WTF – Fishermen
Antioch’s double-bluff
Music and Magic
Rhyming couplets and Verse
Pericles – a unique hero (no ego attached)?
Miracle and Wish Fulfilment
Bend a Gender
The women as architypes
Act 1 Story-telling – Gower and Pericles
Love, Lust and Sex
Open Story-telling


“I am no viper, yet I feed
On mother’s flesh which did me breed.
I sought a husband, in which labour
I found that kindness in a father:
He’s father, son, and husband mild;
I mother, wife, and yet his child.
How they may be, and yet in two,
As you will live, resolve it you.”


Workshop 2 – 25th October

Masterclass: Pericles = Shakespeare’s Fairytale? – Tom Latter

What if it were called “The Perilous Adventures of Pericles” or “Shakespeare’s Fairytale“? Just like a fairytale, a bedtime story, or an epic poem brought to life, the play is consciously telling the audience a story throughout. We will explore various ways to do this, through words, objects and stage pictures, paying particular attention to Gower’s prologues, the dumb shows, selected scenes, asides and soliloquys.


“For death remembered should be like a mirror,
Who tells us life’s but breath, to trust it error.”
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