DATE: September, 2014
TIME: 10:00 am
VENUE: Make Believe Arts
Henry V
Masterclass: Outdoor Performance September, 2014
“Normans, but bastard Normans, Norman bastards!”

WORKSHOP 1 – 21st September

First read through and discussions.

Topics discussed included:

The French perspective
Fluellen – the angry philosopher
Henry’s motivation
Burgandy’s (anti-war?) speech
The Epilogue
Size of cast (one line wonders)
Falstaff’s Ghost
The battles (compared to Henry VI)
Four Nations – what ish my nation?
Bardolph, Nym, Pistol and Quickly… wtf?

WORKSHOP 2 – 28th September

Masterclass: Outdoor performance – Annabelle Brown & Tobias Deacon

“Out-voice the deep-mouth’d sea!”: How to be heard in the open air. A look at the vocal challenges of outdoor performance; starting with a symposium on the perils of performing outside followed by a long vocal warm-up and a play with some speeches indoors (i.e. how low can we go) and then taking these speeches to the park for a wrestle with the elements!

                               “Not to-day, O Lord,
O, not to-day, think not upon the fault
My father made in compassing the crown!
I Richard’s body have interred anew,
And on it have bestow’d more contrite tears
Than from it issued forced drops of blood.”


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