DATE: June, 2013
TIME: 10:00 am
VENUE: Make Believe Arts
Henry VI part 2
Masterclass: Alarum! Shakespeare’s Sounds June, 2013
“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers!”

WORKSHOP 1 – 9th June


First readthrough and discussions.

Topics explored included:

Who do we want to win?
Henry – good king without the entourage?
The role of servants/messengers
Who do we want to win?
Can the play stand alone?
What are the women for?
The Miracle and The Supernatural – why are they there?
5:1 – York
Women and their men
Gender bending
The map of London
Cade’s revolt – echoes of The Peasant’s Revolt
WTF corner

WORKSHOP 2 – 23rd June

Masterclass: Alarum: making noise in history plays – Annabelle Brown

Practically exploring the ways in which sound and music can support a text, through a session of bashing and roaring, for non-musician actors, directors and musicians alike. Finding a greater facility and freedom with sounds of war, court, mobs, church, and the relationship of sound and music to the world of the play.


“Sword, hold thy temper; heart, be wrathful still.
Priests pray for enemies, but princes kill.”
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