DATE: June, 2014
TIME: 10:00-6:00
VENUE: MakeBelieve Arts, Deptford
Henry IV Part 2
Masterclass: Archetypes and Minor Characters June, 2014
“If I had a thousand sons, the first human principle I would teach them should be to forswear thin potations, and addict themselves to sack!”

WORKSHOP 1 – 8th June

First readthrough and discussions.

Topics explored included:

Hal and his brothers
Hal and the crown
“The threesome”
Bees and other imagery
Shadow and Silence

WORKSHOP 2 – 23rd June

Masterclass: Approaching ‘Minor’ Characters – Tom Latter & Tobias Deacon

Are there particular ways to approach playing a so-called ‘minor’ character? How can you stand out from the crowd while not pulling focus? A practical workshop exploring how to breathe life into one-line messengers, steal a scene (in a good way) and deal with doubling, crowd scenes and not having any lines for ages…

“Presume not that I am the thing I was,
For God doth know, so shall the world perceive,
That I have turned away my former self;
So will I those that kept me company.”
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