DATE: January, 2016
TIME: 10:00-6:00
Masterclass: Innogen January, 2016
                                           “On her left breast
A mole cinque-spotted, like the crimson drops
I’the bottom of a cowslip.”


Workshop 1 – 10th January

First read through and discussions.

Topics discussed included:

Britain, Rome, Italy – Ancient and Renaissance
Jachimo 1.6
Nature vs. Nurture
Panto fairytale?
What is the point?
Clotten – Victim of class? or Lack of Brain?
Alternative title?
Dates and Context
The Queen and the blame
Bend a Gender
Posthumus’ Dream
Act 5 – reveals and repetitions
To cut or not to cut


“Golden lads and girls all must as chimney sweepers come to dust”


Workshop 2 – 24th January

Masterclass: Innogen – Tobias Deacon

Why is the play called Cymbeline? Surely if there’s a character in it worthy of titular status it’s Innogen? Why aren’t actors clamouring to play Innogen? This masterclass will be looking at Innogen as a character. By exploring her scenes in detail we will unlock some of the secrets of our lead and how her story forms the backbone of the play.


“Hath Britain all the sun that shines? Day? Night?
Are they not but in Britain? I’ th’ world’s volume
Our Britain seems as of it, but not in’t,
In a great pool a swan’s nest.”
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