DATE: November, 2015
TIME: 10:00-6:00
Masterclass: Confrontation and Momentum November, 2015
                                  “Where I find him, were it
At home, upon my brother’s guard, even there,
Against the hospitable cannon, would I
Wash my fierce hand in’s heart.”

Workshop 1 – 8th November

First read through and discussions.

Topics discussed included:

Bend a Gender
Who is Coriolanus?
Coriolanus and Aufidius
The Servingmen
Volumnia – Mother or Politician?
What does it mean of us now?
Animals – flies, butterflies and wolves
The people
Spin vs Honour
Proud? or what?
The Tribunes
Socialism or Conservatism


“Have the power still
To banish your defenders, till at length
Your ignorance, which finds not till it feels,
Making but reservation of yourselves,
Still your own foes, deliver you as most
Abated captives to some nation
That won you without blows! Despising
For you the city, thus I turn my back.
There is a world elsewhere.”


Workshop 2 – 22nd November

Masterclass: Confrontation and Momentum – Tobias Deacon

Looking at speeches from the play where words and logic are used as weapons to mame, provoke and conquer. How do we approach a big speech? How do the words chosen show the character of the speaker? And how do we stop ourselves growling the sense away?



“Cut me to pieces, Volces, men and lads,
Stain all your edges on me. “Boy” false hound!
If you have writ your annals true, ’tis there
That like an eagle in a dovecote, I
Fluttered your Volcians in Corioles.
Aone I did it. “Boy”!…..”
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