DATE: May, 2015
TIME: 10:00-6:00
All’s Well That Ends Well
Masterclass: Thought in Action May, 2015
“…virginity is peevish, proud, idle, made of self-love, which is the most inhibited sin in the canon. Keep it not, you cannot choose but lose by’t!”
Workshop 1 – 10th May

First read through and discussions.

Topics discussed included:

Bertram (and Parolles)
Parolles (who does he fancy?)
Modern or another time
War and Cruelty
Seeming  and first impressions
Textual comparison – Measure, T&C
The end – WTF
This play now
Couplets – King and Helena
Countess and Helena
Integrity and Generosity
The King
All’s Well that Ends Well?
Helena – stalker?

Workshop 2 – 24th May
Masterclass: ‘Thought in action’ – Bryn Holding

Words are thoughts in action and it is this central idea that we plan to explore in the masterclass. Guided through the work by Scaffold co-director Bryn Holding, this is a rare opportunity for one on one work with a director and the text. With initial group exploration and then individual speech work on text pre-learned by the actor. This will be an exploration of breath, thought, language and character.


“Mine eyes smell onions, I shall weep anon.“
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